Words Come in Many Sizes

Hi Folks. Glad you came by. It’s my birthday today, so thanks for sharing it with me. In return, I’d like to share a couple of things with you.

First, I’m hard at work writing a novel. Throughout a good part of my adult life I’ve wished that I could simply stay at home and write. Well, I couldn’t, because I was a single mom of three kids. We were on our own since they were all under five years of age, and I had to work to support us. As they got older, I did spend time in the evenings writing, but honestly, I let too much of life distract me. Excuses aside, time passed, my children grew up, my career got more demanding. Continue reading

Have a Seat on the Floor

We’re going back in time, today.  Back to my childhood.  Maybe, back to yours.  So, here is a fun little ditty I want to share with you.  It’s referred to as a “nonsense rhyme”, such as “The Jabberwocky” was.  I don’t recall if my parents taught it to me (they were a Boy Scout leader and a Girl Scout Leader), or I picked it up at the many camps I attended during my summers. (Yes, I’ve been to both Girl AND Boy Scout Camps. That’s a story for another time!)

Either way, I immediately memorized it for ease of recitation.  It was so much fun; I thought it would make others laugh, too.  When my kids were young, I taught it to them.  They thought it was hilarious.  Perhaps it’s something you’ll recognize with fond memories. Continue reading

For the Thrill of It

What would you be willing to do to get a thrill? Talk to the cute guy/girl standing in line at the coffee shop? Jump off the roof into a swimming pool? Strap on a harness and fly down a zip line? Scuba dive with sharks? Step out the door of an airplane with only some cloth and rope strapped to your back? How about killing someone. Would you be willing to kill someone simply for the thrill of it?  Not a bad someone. A nice young boy of 14, happy and innocent.

Cover of

Chicago, 1924, the age of jazz, flappers, prohibition, bootleg liquor and speakeasys, gangsters like Al Capone, and corrupt politicians. The year that Nathan Leopold, aged 19, and Richard Loeb, aged 18, murdered Richard’s 14 year old cousin, Bobby Franks. Why? That was always the big question. Why would two wealthy, educated, socially connected young men from two of Chicago’s best families kill a boy? In the end, the only answer seemed to be for fun, for the experience, for the thrill of it. Continue reading

Caged Bird

A pet Sun Parakeet (also known as a Sun Conure...

I am but a bird in a cage,
No longer able to spread my wings wide.
Once upon a time I flew ‘round the world,
Landing wherever I desired.

But my wings are now clipped,
So close to the bone they will never grow back.
That loss hurts me more than the pain,
Of the damaged body I must call my own. Continue reading

Sneak Peek- Do What You Love!

Just wanted to share a ‘heads up’ on a terrific book that will be released on September 9th. It will be available for Kindle and Nook, and in print at Amazon. I’ve had the opportunity to read this, and it’s a great story. I’d say it qualifies as a dark fantasy, but you’ve never read anything like this. A very unique and interesting tale that will have you mesmerized.

With a Waddle and a Quack

Duck feet, trachea splints, airplane parts, jawbones, hip cups, eagle beaks, dental appliances, rocket engine components, windpipes, robo-hands, scaffolds for human organs. What the heck could all these things have in common? Guess what, they’ve all been made using 3D printers.

It’s all the big news lately, but 3D printers have been around since 1988. Perhaps it’s just that years of effort in discovering new applications for the machines have recently been coming to fruition. So, in case you’ve missed any of the fun news, let me try to give a reasonably quick overview of what’s up, Doc.

First, meet Buttercup; a lovely little duck who hatched in 2012 ,with his left foot turned backwards. The employees of the Feathered Angels Sanctuary in Tennessee had the idea to create a prosthetic. The owner of the Sanctuary designed a computer model of the duck’s foot. Using this template, a local 3D printing company printed out a silicon mold. Then, a vulcanized rubber poured into the mold created a chunky red prosthetic that combines the flexibility and strength a duck foot requires. Continue reading