A Thorny Subject

FA-220 051

I took these photos at one of the many botanical garden areas of Balboa Park in San Diego, California. I loved the color combination of green plant, pink buds, and silvery thorns. Plus, the different textures just looked neat. I’ve done a lot of research to try and identify the name of this particular succulent. Unfortunately, I’ve come up with nothing. If anyone happens to know, please share with me. I appreciate it!

FA-220 051a

We move in a little closer here…..

FA-220 051b

And then all the way for a real closeup. These pink buds are actually the seedlings of this succulent. When they drop off, they take root and grow a new plant. This is probably why there are so many growing so close together, which made for a very fine picture indeed. However, birds and animals may also pick them up and carry them to other places, allowing the plant to continue spreading. There sure are a lot of seedlings! The thorns are pretty long, too. I kept my distance while photographing it. Cactus’s are unique and lovely, but I hate to imagine anybody falling into one!

Take care,

Linda Williams Stirling

8 thoughts on “A Thorny Subject

  1. Beautiful photos, Linda. For me, cactus flowers are even more beautiful and alluring because I never expect to see a flower on a cactus. 🙂

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  3. I have finally discovered this cactus is part of the EUPHORBIA family. Of course, it’s a huge family, including a few thousand succulents and plants, including the Poinsettia. So, I still don’t have the full name for my plant, but at least I have a general name!

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