Hemingway By Any Other Name Would Be JP Williams

Copy of Ernest Hemingway

This is a charcoal drawing of Ernest Hemingway I did in 2007. It was my first attempt at drawing a portrait. Overall, I’m happy with it and feel It came out pretty well. It’s 16″ x20″ and I have it hanging in my living room in a big frame. Most people who’ve seen it do recognize it as Hemingway. What’s interesting, though, is anyone who knew my dad, also recognize it as him. No, my dad was not Hemingway, but they do share an awful lot of facial similarities. My dad passed away four years ago this last June. So, though I do like Hemingway, when I look at this picture now, I see JP Williams, beloved father and grandfather. My grown children literally refer to it as the “Grandpa slash (/) Hemingway” picture.

My dad has a stronger chin, and sometimes I’ve thought about taking the frame apart and changing the drawing to make it even more like my dad’s appearance. But, I think I’ll let it continue to honor two great men. One, a great writer; the other, a great dad, grandad, great-grandad, husband, Master Carpenter, and all around loving, caring, and kind human being who liked to make people smile. He’s the kind of person I aspire to be. I’m glad to greet him each morning and know he’s watching over me.

Take care,

Linda Williams Stirling

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