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Hello! I just wanted to give you folks a reminder to take the next Hop on our Blog tour. I shared my writing process last Monday here, and the Monday before Joseph D. Stirling shared his process at JDSFiction.

This week, go on over to see how Bianca at B.G.Bowers and Carrie Wilson at Magic and Marvels answer their four questions about their own writing processes. On Monday, March 10, visit with Diane Kratz at Profiles of Murder. I guarantee there will be some interesting reading ahead. So, keep on hopping and keep up with our Blog Hop!!

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Officially an Author

A wonderful new book of poetry is now available. B.G. Bowers’ work is touching, thoughtful, enlightening.. I greatly admire her talent..You really owe it to yourself to get a copy of her wonderful book.

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Linda Williams Stirling

Fear Of Giving In

An amazingly honest and open post about living and slowly losing the battle with ME. My heart goes out to Brooke, but I have great admiration for her desire to document her life with ME, so others can learn from her. Blessings to you, Brooke.
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Linda Williams Stirling

Documenting M.E.

As someone who struggles with severe, progressive ME, one of the issues I struggle with most is giving in to new lows as the illness progresses. Over the years, I’ve learned this illness is relentless. It will continue to worsen no matter what I do. Sure, I can speed up or slow down the progression some depending on how much I push myself beyond my limits, but in the end, the illness will be worse this month than last month, and next month than this month. That’s just how it is.

So why do I fight it so hard? For the past several weeks I have become aware that my body is pushing for a noticeably new low. I already spend all of my time in bed (when not using the bedside commode) in a dark, quiet room. I already limit my in person interactions with people as much as…

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It’s A Hop, Hop, Hop….A Blog Hop!

writers peopleHello folks,

This week I’m posting on Monday, because a terrific writer (and my son) has tagged me in a Blog Hop to discuss my writing. Joe recently published his first novel, “Beggars in the Streets of Time“, available on Amazon. He  has also been invited to participate in two upcoming short story anthologies, “Arcane Synthesis” and “Divine Synthesis”, featuring fanatsy legend Ed Greenwood. (See more on the Anthologies here and at QT Games) You can check out Joseph D. Stirling’s blog, with lots of short fiction, at JDSFiction.

Now, on to my responses to the four big questions: Continue reading

Let’s Go Do Blog Hop!

We’re doing a Blog Hop! You can join in now and read this weeks blogger, JDSFiction. Next Monday, I’ll be “it”. So come on back and read my answers to their questions and see which 3 bloggers will be following after me! Hope you have fun hopping through our blogs.
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Tips to Make Us Stronger Authors—Both Fiction & Non-Fiction

Kristen is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and founder of WANA. She gives some great writing tips here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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Linda Williams Stirling

Kristen Lamb's Blog

For those confused, WordPress has been possessed this week and for some reason published some notes I’d saved in a DRAFT. Sorry for the confusion.


Becoming a non-fiction author has a number of steps. After having written both fiction and non-fiction, I don’t think one is easier than the other. There are unique challenges to both. Yet, I will say that even novelists can benefit from the same tactics employed by good NF authors.

Like fiction, there’s seemingly infinite variety of types of non-fiction. There’s self-help, narrative non-fiction, informational non-fiction, and on and on. Much of being successful in non-fiction (and fiction) is finding your audience, then developing your voice and then marrying your voice to a style that suits you.

Think Like a Journalist 

A friend of mine, Author Caitlin Kelly, is the one who pointed this out to me, and she is an amazing and successful journalist…

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