Fear Of Giving In

An amazingly honest and open post about living and slowly losing the battle with ME. My heart goes out to Brooke, but I have great admiration for her desire to document her life with ME, so others can learn from her. Blessings to you, Brooke.
Take care,
Linda Williams Stirling

Documenting M.E.

As someone who struggles with severe, progressive ME, one of the issues I struggle with most is giving in to new lows as the illness progresses. Over the years, I’ve learned this illness is relentless. It will continue to worsen no matter what I do. Sure, I can speed up or slow down the progression some depending on how much I push myself beyond my limits, but in the end, the illness will be worse this month than last month, and next month than this month. That’s just how it is.

So why do I fight it so hard? For the past several weeks I have become aware that my body is pushing for a noticeably new low. I already spend all of my time in bed (when not using the bedside commode) in a dark, quiet room. I already limit my in person interactions with people as much as…

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3 thoughts on “Fear Of Giving In

  1. Awww, thanks, Linda! I appreciate you taking the time to reblog this, as well as your very kind words at the start. I’m glad you have enjoyed my blog so far, and hope to continue to be worthy of your words as this journey progresses. One thing’s for sure – it’s an adventure! Lol. Thanks again for stopping by and thinking to reblog… Take care!

    • Thank YOU! I’d reblog your whole blog if I could. Your ongoing story is so eye-opening and brave. I think everyone needs to read it. Have you heard of Jen Brea and her project to film life with ME, Canary in a Coal Mine? She’s been doing online interviews from her bed to document real people. This might be something for you to consider if you can handle it. Thanks again. My thoughts and best wishes are with you.

      • Thank you! Now you’re making me blush, lol… Regarding Jen and the film project, yes, I have definitely been following its progress! I did fill out the form to volunteer to be interviewed, but I did it a bit late, so it may have actually been too late. My mom, a health professional, volunteered to be interviewed too, to tell things from the perspective of a family member and health professional combined. Alas, I’m sure Jen got thousands of applications, so I totally understand if we’re not contacted. I don’t know how she’s managing to pull this off in the first place, with her health where it is! I really admire her for taking action and seeing it through like this… Can’t wait to see the finished product!

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