Welcome to PaperFields Press

2 thoughts on “Welcome to PaperFields Press

  1. Linda, I’ve been searching high and low for another publisher since I don’t necessarily want to do my 3rd book (as usual, non-fiction) with my current one.  Since these folks are friends of yours, do you know if they have any interest in non-fiction?  Or, can you check.  I think it would be fun to be one of their first authors.  My editor says this book, which is finished, is the best of the three, ‘hands down.’  Thanks………………………pete *********************************************************Pete Klismet, BS, MS, MA, FBI (Retired)Director:  http://www.criminalprofilingassociates.comAuthor:   FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil (www.houdinipublishing.com) or (www.Amazon.com)                FBI Animal House (Houdini or Amazon)                FBI Diary: Home Grown Terror (Early 2015)Consultant:  Canadian National TV; American Cold Case Investigators; Preventing School Shootings

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