Jane Goodall, She’s In My Blood

JaneGoodallOct10I recently read a lovely and whimsical book about a young girl who loved animals and grew up to become one of the greatest scientists of the 20th Century. Best of all, it’s a true story. I wish I could have been her best friend. I wish I lived in that time, went to Africa with her, and helped further her studies. But, I’m obliged to live some things vicariously, and thus I read “Africa in My Blood: An Autobiography in Letters”, by Jane Goodall and edited by Dale Peterson. Continue reading


For the Thrill of It

What would you be willing to do to get a thrill? Talk to the cute guy/girl standing in line at the coffee shop? Jump off the roof into a swimming pool? Strap on a harness and fly down a zip line? Scuba dive with sharks? Step out the door of an airplane with only some cloth and rope strapped to your back? How about killing someone. Would you be willing to kill someone simply for the thrill of it?  Not a bad someone. A nice young boy of 14, happy and innocent.

Cover of

Chicago, 1924, the age of jazz, flappers, prohibition, bootleg liquor and speakeasys, gangsters like Al Capone, and corrupt politicians. The year that Nathan Leopold, aged 19, and Richard Loeb, aged 18, murdered Richard’s 14 year old cousin, Bobby Franks. Why? That was always the big question. Why would two wealthy, educated, socially connected young men from two of Chicago’s best families kill a boy? In the end, the only answer seemed to be for fun, for the experience, for the thrill of it. Continue reading

Sneak Peek- Do What You Love!

Just wanted to share a ‘heads up’ on a terrific book that will be released on September 9th. It will be available for Kindle and Nook, and in print at Amazon. I’ve had the opportunity to read this, and it’s a great story. I’d say it qualifies as a dark fantasy, but you’ve never read anything like this. A very unique and interesting tale that will have you mesmerized.