Hip Surgery and ME: Society Has It Wrong

An excellent article from the husband of a woman with ME, contrasting her illness with his major surgery for a hip replacement, and how differently each is viewed and treated by society. It’s very good. I hope you take the time to read it. Please understand ME.

Thoughts About M.E.

I am proud to share a note that my husband, Ed Burmeister, wrote last week. He initially posted it on Facebook only where it received a lot of attention and was shared more than 250 times. It really resonated with the community.

Therefore, I talked him into allowing me to post it here as well. I am blessed to have such a supportive and loving spouse.

Last Wednesday, I had a complete hip replacement.  It was a short procedure (1-1/2hours). No general anesthesia required.  I was out of bed the day of surgery and home after two days.  On Monday, I started driving again and really could have done so on Saturday already. Yesterday, I returned to work. I was comfortably working away, largely free of pain.  I walk without a limp and with no assistance and am pretty much unrestricted in my activities. I never needed narcotic painkillers after…

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UPCOMING RELEASE: “Passage” by Bianca Bowers

I’m looking forward to this release of Bianca Bowers second book of poetry! Keep a look out for it!

10 Tips To Instantly Improve Your Writing

Good advice on writing from a new printing house, Paperfield Press.

Are you ready to submit?

Do you have a manuscript ready for submission for publication? The new PaperFields Press, run by two amazing women, is holding their reading period and now accepting submissions! What a wonderful opportunity for writers. Although this is a new endeavor for Bianca and Oloriel, I see great success ahead for them. They are strong, hard-working, and dedicated women who are talented on so many different levels. I know they’ll be wonderful to work with and will give a fair and honest appraisal on all their readings. Best wishes, Ladies, as well as to all those submitting their work!

What It’s Really Like To Be Chronically Ill

A good article. This is pretty much what it’s like. Thanks to Lauren Anne for sharing.

Issue #2 is out!

Come check out a new online literary magazine featuring art, poetry, stories, and more! I think you’ll be glad you did.

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Do Fictional Characters Evolve or Is It the Writer?

Here are some very good thoughts on the evolution of written characters. Who is changing along the way….the character or the writer? This is a valid question to consider. James J. Murray at Prescription for Murder gives us some things to think about for character development in our stories. Enjoy.

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Linda Williams Stirling

Prescription For Murder

MH900448464 When developing a fictional character, there are several methods that writers can use. The first thing that usually happens, however, is that writers picture a person in their minds and that first impression of a character often sticks with them throughout the story.

But this first impression is a one-dimensional view. It’s the equivalent of a cardboard cutout of a cartoon character. Layers of personality and history must be added to a character, even before starting to write the story, in order to properly develop how the character acts and moves within the written scenes.

In general, there are five aspects of a character, besides appearance, that a writer must think about before introducing a major character into a storyline.

The first is to consider personal details of the character. These include the finer aspects of the character’s appearance. The writer might imagine an older man as a protagonist…

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