Guest Blogger: What Do FBI Agents Really Do? Peter Klismet Gives Us The Scoop.

I am very pleased, once again, to introduce you to Peter Klismet, Jr. After two tours in Vietnam, Pete went on to spend the next 30 years of his life in Law Enforcement; 10 with the Ventura, CA Police Department and 20 with the FBI. In the FBI, he received additional specialized training in hostage negotiation and in criminal profiling. He was part of the very first group of field profilers. After retiring from the FBI in 1999, and receiving an award for Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Pete turned to teaching. No surprise there, he holds two Masters Degrees and is very adept at sharing his knowledge. He was a Professor at two different colleges before recently retiring. He now runs a consulting business with his wife, Nancy. They provide criminal profiling and cold case services, as well as seminars and training classes. Pete is the author of “FBI DIary: Profiles of Evil.” Thank you, Pete, for joining us today.

pete klismetPete Klismet:

One question I’ve been asked by more people than I can count is, “What do FBI Agents do?”  Another frequent one has been, “What is (or was) it like to be a FBI agent?” Continue reading

Peter Klismet Returns: Let’s Talk FBI Profiler!


Pete Klismet

I’m very excited to have Retired FBI profiler, Pete Klismet with us again today. Poor, Pete. Once I got my claws in him, he’s found it very difficult to extricate himself! For those of you tuning in for the first time, Peter Klismet, Jr. is retired after 20 years as a FBI Special Agent and profiler. He was one of the original profilers from 1985. Please take a look at last week’s post “Special Guest: Retired FBI Profiler, Peter Klismet, Jr” for more detailed information on Pete.

Thanks for coming back, Pete. I’m sure there are plenty of misconceptions out there concerning FBI profilers. Can you tell us some of the most common ones?

One of the most frequent questions I’ve fielded over the years, both from the media and the general public, has been, “Aren’t all FBI agents trained to be ‘profilers?’” Continue reading

Special Guest: Retired FBI Profiler, Peter Klismet, Jr.


Pete Klismet

I don’t usually post on Mondays, but when I receive an opportunity to ask a couple of questions from someone like today’s special guest, exceptions get made. So, it is my honor and great pleasure to introduce you all to retired FBI Special Agent and Profiler, Peter Klismet, Jr.

Pete’s career in law enforcement began with almost ten years at the Ventura, CA Police Department. This background uniquely prepared him for recruitment by the FBI. After training, he was assigned to the Los Angeles FBI office for two years. His next assignment was to the Cedar Rapids Resident Agency of the FBI Omaha Division. During his time in Cedar Rapids, the FBI began a search for their best field agents. One from each of the 59 Divisions across the country, which meant only 59 agents out of a few thousand people. Pete was the Special Agent chosen for the Omaha Division, and received training as one of the ‘original’ FBI profilers. In 1985, he became the Profiling Coordinator for the Omaha Division, which encompassed Iowa and Nebraska. Pete eventually transferred to the Grand Junction Resident Agency of the Denver Division, where he retired at the end of 1999, after 20 years of service in the FBI.fbiseal

Currently, Pete is a College Professor, a writer, and provides consulting services; all in an area he knows so well, Criminal Investigation and Profiling. He is the founder of Criminal Profiling Associates, which is found on the web at: Pete is also the Award-winning Author of FBI Diary: Profiles of Evil, available through Amazon.

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