GRAPEFRUIT – The Killer Fruit!

This is a good warning to heed. Both my doctor and my pharmacist long ago warned me off grapefruit because of the potential drug interactions. If you’re on any of these types of medicines, double-check the list of drugs that interact. Keep yourself safe.

Take care,
Linda Williams Stirlig

Prescription For Murder

Occasionally, I hear news reports regarding the dangers of eating grapefruit whileMB900436914 on certain medications. This is not new information and I have to remind myself that many are still unaware of this very serious drug-food interaction.

The medical community identified this harmful interaction at least ten years ago and now pharmacists routinely attach alert notices to certain prescription medications involved in these interactions.

The new information here is that the number of drugs that can cause such a deadly interaction with grapefruit has doubled in just the last few years.  At present, more than 85 drugs interact with grapefruit to cause injury, 43 of which cause serious or deadly interactions.

The list of drugs that interact with grapefruit now includes many blood pressure medications, most of the cholesterol-lowering drugs, certain cardiac drugs, some anti-seizure medications, specific chemotherapy drugs and a few antibiotic medications.

MB900431033Sometimes a news anchor…

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