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Hi there! A friendly reminder to take the next Hop on our Blog tour. I shared my writing process 0n Monday, February 17,  here, and the Monday before Joseph D. Stirling shared his process at JDSFiction.

Also, on Monday, February 24, Bianca at B.G.Bowers and Carrie Wilson at Magic and Marvels answered their four questions about their own writing processes. Today, Monday, March 10, go on over to visit with Diane Kratz at Profiles of Murder. I guarantee there will be some interesting reading ahead!

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Hello! I just wanted to give you folks a reminder to take the next Hop on our Blog tour. I shared my writing process last Monday here, and the Monday before Joseph D. Stirling shared his process at JDSFiction.

This week, go on over to see how Bianca at B.G.Bowers and Carrie Wilson at Magic and Marvels answer their four questions about their own writing processes. On Monday, March 10, visit with Diane Kratz at Profiles of Murder. I guarantee there will be some interesting reading ahead. So, keep on hopping and keep up with our Blog Hop!!

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It’s A Hop, Hop, Hop….A Blog Hop!

writers peopleHello folks,

This week I’m posting on Monday, because a terrific writer (and my son) has tagged me in a Blog Hop to discuss my writing. Joe recently published his first novel, “Beggars in the Streets of Time“, available on Amazon. He  has also been invited to participate in two upcoming short story anthologies, “Arcane Synthesis” and “Divine Synthesis”, featuring fanatsy legend Ed Greenwood. (See more on the Anthologies here and at QT Games) You can check out Joseph D. Stirling’s blog, with lots of short fiction, at JDSFiction.

Now, on to my responses to the four big questions: Continue reading

Let’s Go Do Blog Hop!

We’re doing a Blog Hop! You can join in now and read this weeks blogger, JDSFiction. Next Monday, I’ll be “it”. So come on back and read my answers to their questions and see which 3 bloggers will be following after me! Hope you have fun hopping through our blogs.
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Tips to Make Us Stronger Authors—Both Fiction & Non-Fiction

Kristen is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and founder of WANA. She gives some great writing tips here. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
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Kristen Lamb's Blog

For those confused, WordPress has been possessed this week and for some reason published some notes I’d saved in a DRAFT. Sorry for the confusion.


Becoming a non-fiction author has a number of steps. After having written both fiction and non-fiction, I don’t think one is easier than the other. There are unique challenges to both. Yet, I will say that even novelists can benefit from the same tactics employed by good NF authors.

Like fiction, there’s seemingly infinite variety of types of non-fiction. There’s self-help, narrative non-fiction, informational non-fiction, and on and on. Much of being successful in non-fiction (and fiction) is finding your audience, then developing your voice and then marrying your voice to a style that suits you.

Think Like a Journalist 

A friend of mine, Author Caitlin Kelly, is the one who pointed this out to me, and she is an amazing and successful journalist…

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Take A Gander: Prologue To “A Stranger Watches”

Last week I gave a glimpse into my writing process. I mentioned my work-in-progress, a Thriller novel entitled, “A Stranger Watches,” focusing on a serial killer. Today, I thought I’d take a little leap of faith and let you folks have a look at the Prologue to my novel. This is a first draft version, so keep that in mind and don’t let any editing issues get in your way of the overall reading.

I’m now over 60,000 words along. At this point, I’m thinking my first draft will probably end in the mid 80,000 word range. Then, I’ll be going back and doing more research to fill in spots that need some authenticity. You’ll see an example of how I bracket these areas, highlighted below in red, as I described in my process last week. During my rewrite, the word count will go up and down, but I hope to end up closer to 100,000 words.

Please be aware, this is about a serial killer. In the prologue below, there are graphic depictions. If you have a weak stomach or are easily upset, you might want to skip this. Also remember, any vile things this guy says are the character speaking. These are his feelings and opinions, not mine. I share none of his beliefs. Continue reading

Did I Tell You The One About Writing My Novel?

new pageHi Folks! Thanks for stopping back by my blog. Up to this point, I haven’t spent much time talking about my current novel-in-progress, much less my writing process. After a writing break over December due to some health issues (and the need to quickly crochet some Christmas gifts), I’m happy to report I’m back to work on my book. My Thriller, “A Stranger Watches,” is now over 50,000 words and going strong. That translates roughly to about 179 pages in book format. So, YAY! I’m moving right along, one murder after another!capote

Today, I thought I’d go through the process I follow when I write. Each writer has their own, of course, and we all might share some similarities and lots of differences. There is no one right way. We find what suits our personalities and our brains mostly through trial and error. There’s a lot of discussion about writers being either a pantser or a planner, as if there were a clear cut line between the two. There really isn’t. Many pantsers actually have a rough mental outline to guide them, while lots of planners fly by the seat of their pants through portions of their manuscript. Continue reading

Words Come in Many Sizes

Hi Folks. Glad you came by. It’s my birthday today, so thanks for sharing it with me. In return, I’d like to share a couple of things with you.

First, I’m hard at work writing a novel. Throughout a good part of my adult life I’ve wished that I could simply stay at home and write. Well, I couldn’t, because I was a single mom of three kids. We were on our own since they were all under five years of age, and I had to work to support us. As they got older, I did spend time in the evenings writing, but honestly, I let too much of life distract me. Excuses aside, time passed, my children grew up, my career got more demanding. Continue reading